Synergy India Foundation (SIF) offers a refund policy to the donors only in case there has been an error/technical reason for the transfer due to which donors have mistakenly made double payments or donated an extra amount.

We will be happy to refund the donation if the donor notifies Synergy India Foundation via email/letter within 15 calendar days of the date of donation and claims his/her refund within 30 calendar days of the requested date of return.

The refund will be communicated to you via email/letter with all of the details. The refund will be made only in the name of the person who donated.

Please keep in mind that all refunds will be made in INR and will be based on current currency rates.

Donation Cancellation Fee – For all online transactions, a donation cancellation fee of 2.5 per cent will be deducted from the donation amount. For this, INR 300 will be deducted from any other mode of donation (Cheques, Demand Drafts etc.).