Embracing sustainability is imperative for environmental preservation. Preserving our environment is not an option but an absolute necessity as lives on earth depend upon it. It is essential for our continued existence and well-being.

At SIF, we believe that it’s high time to ponder upon environmental preservation and take proactive measures to protect it. Through collective efforts and sustainable practices, we can pave the way for a greener, healthier, and more prosperous future for generations to come. By embracing sustainability, we can create a harmonious balance between human progress and the preservation of our precious environment.

Planted 98126 saplings

Conducted awareness programs in 728 schools on a forestation, biodiversity, climate change and global warming

311206 individuals educated on importance of green cover

SIF organizes Plantation Drive, also called afforestation or tree-planting campaigns, from time to time. We address environmental challenges and promote sustainability through various means. We believe plantation drive brings about numerous positive impacts:

  • Mitigate the rising levels of greenhouse gases and combat climate change
  • Reduce air pollution, making cities healthier places to live
  • Protect and preserve biodiversity, supporting ecosystem stability and resilience
  • Prevent soil degradation, maintain fertility, and prevent landslides and sedimentation in water bodies
  • Maintain local and regional rainfall patterns
  • Expands natural habitats, offering shelter and food sources for various wildlife species
  • Promotes eco-tourism and provides opportunities for local employment


Earth school is being executed in the schools of TSWREIS, Synergy India Foundation as knowledge Partners in association with CSA (Centre for Sustainable agriculture)

  • Conversion of the available unused land in the institution into cultivable farm lands
    Produce organic vegetables and fruits to meet the requirement of the institution
  • Empower the students (6-9 grades) interest towards the agriculture by acquiring knowledge, practical skills and explore opportunities in the agriculture Train and develop Swaeroes Agripreneurs


  • Brainstorming for preparing the schools for the project
  • Identify and selection of aspirant Agripreneurs
  • Develop Curriculum for students and make it a part of their academic calendar
  • Capacity building trainings for Agripreneurs, who will in turn train the students by
  • giving practical exposure
  • Planning of the crop produce in a way to meet the requirements of the institution
  • Everyday monitoring of the farm activities
  • Data management and reporting with technology interventions

Every Contribution Goes A Long Way