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Synergy India Foundation (SIF) is an NGO in India headquartered in Hyderabad. Our organisation strives to change the lives of poor and underserved through community participation and promote a safer society by synergising different stakeholders to attain a larger impact on the community. SIF focuses in the areas of health, education, environment and sustainable livelihoods to bring in a positive change in the lives of the people and communities that we work and thus impacting the society at large. Synergy believes in the collective power of the communities in bringing about quality change in the lives of the needy communities.

Synergy India

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Help The Children

Bring positive change within the lives of the underserved through community participation and advance towards a safer society.

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Empathise, encourage and empower communities towards development through synergies between different stakeholders, that are driven by compassion and technology in equity.

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Government of Telangana and Government of Andhra Pradesh, along with the persistent support from Corporates, philanthropists and well-wishers helped us grow in scale and impact of our programs.




Cornucopia - Earth School

To uncover and nurture the inherent love for the environment within each child by creating a natural, holistic, student-centred learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to love nature and animals and contributes to its sustainability. Earth school is being executed in the schools of TSWREIS, and Synergy India Foundation as knowledge Partners in  association with CSA (Centre for Sustainable agriculture) Read More

Panacea School Health
Programme for Social/Tribal/BC

The future of a nation depends considerably on the health of its children and child health has always been a priority for Synergy India Foundation(SIF). Regrettably, even in the 21st century, marginalised children lack universal access to quality healthcare services and experience multiple and complex health disadvantages. The majority of children of poor socio-economic backgrounds are malnourished and stunted.  Read More

Mobile School Health Screening – Aarogyadhoot

Improving equitable access and coverage to health services is a fundamental principle of service delivery, but this would not be complete unless there was a strategy in place to reach the most underserved communities living in difficult-to-reach areas. Despite the impressive gains in coverage, reaching last-mile populations remains a persistent challenge. Read More

Nutrikik – Nutritional Supplements


India’s malnutrition problem results not from calorie intake but from dependence on a carbohydrate-based diet, low in protein and fat. We compromise on the intake of protein, fat and vitamins – all of which are essential for growth and inducing disease-fighting immunity at a young age. It is vital that Indian children get a balanced and nutrient-rich diet which includes all micro-and macronutrients needed to bring about healthy growth. Read More

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Every Contribution goes a long way

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We are extremely grateful to our donors and partners for their unwavering support and generous contributions in our mission to break the vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation, thereby paving the way for bringing about a lasting change in the lives of the poor and achieving social justice and gender equality. Read More

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Every Contribution goes a long way