HEALTHCARE, Health camps

Under different health awareness programs, SIF conducts comprehensive health screening camps and set up a robust referral and monitoring systems. We make sure that physically unfit and sick people are provided with basic medical facilities at the right time. We help them in every step till they get appropriate care.


SIF in collaboration with Employees State Insurance Hospitals (ESI), Government of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, provided health care services to thousands of workers working in various industries and factories in Hyderabad.

Our staff organized meetings in hundreds of factories and industries to sensitize the workers on occupational health hazards and the need to take safety precautions to avoid accidents. By raising awareness about potential risks in the working premises and educating about the preventive measures, we help individuals protect themselves from the harms. Hazards may include physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic, and psychosocial factors.

SIF established Health Help Line centre for workers and assisted their families in availing ESI services. It helped them learn how to avoid problematic situations and ways to tackle them.


Poor patients who lack money to buy blood should have access to blood in times of health emergencies. We at SIF encourage individuals to donate blood voluntarily with an objective of saving the lives of poor people. We have formed a number of partnerships with various hospitals and conducted blood donation camps.


Safeguarding the health of 3.05 lakh children from the most deprived sections of the society.

The future of a nation depends considerably on the health of its children and child health has always been a priority for SIF. We monitor health of more than 3.05 lakh marginalized children 24X7 and 365 days. Regrettably, even in the 21st century, marginalized children lack universal access to quality healthcare services and experience multiple and complex health disadvantages. The majority of children of poor socio-economic background are malnourished and stunted. SIF had launched ‘PANACEA COMMAND CENTRE’ 24X7 in partnership with Government of Telangana with an objective of providing comprehensive round the clock healthcare services to more than 3 lakh marginalized children studying in Government’s Social, Tribal, BC and Minority Residential Educational Institutions. Our core focus is on strengthening healthcare services in Welfare Residential Educational Institutions to improve the quality and accessibility towards lowering disease burden and providing effective healthcare.


General Cases
emergency Cases
Chronic Cases


We organize training programs that are aimed at building skills and core public health competencies among health supervisors, staff nurses and Asst. Caretakers and school leaders working in 9819 welfare residential educational institutions in Telangana. We closely associate with medical professionals, public health policy makers and medical institutions to organize training programs. We have conducted training programs and have trained healthcare workers of Social, Tribal & BC Welfare residential schools with a focus on malnutrition, anemia, emergency healthcare management, chronic disease management, first-aid, thyroid disorders, menstrual hygiene, etc


As part of the project ‘Effectiveness of 3 layer cloth washable masks’ we have distributed around 30000 masks in 8 villages of Rangareddy District.

  1. Sheriguda
  2. Uppariguda
  3. Pocharam,
  4. Lingampally
  5. Mankhal
  6. Thummaloor
  7. Mansanpally
  8. Sardar nagar

The project is been worked in association with NIN and London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Thanks to London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for donating the first 30000 masks


Synergy at every step in serving the society during the Pandemic!! Distributing food packs to needy.

Honorable Social Welfare Minister, Shri Koppula Eshwar and Honorable Secretary, Dr. Praveen Kumar discussing with our team and appreciating our work.

Congratulations Team!!

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