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Health & Hygiene

Since our inception we have undertaken various health and hygine program and projects.some of which are…

ESI Health Project

SIF in collaboration with Employees State Insurance Hospitals (ESI), Government of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, provided health care services to thousands of workers working in various industries and factories in Hyderabad. Our staff organized meetings in hundreds of factories and industries to sensitize the workers on occupational health hazards and the need to take safety precautions to avoid accidents. SIF established Health Help Line centre for workers and assisted their families in availing ESI services.

Blood Donation Camps

Poor patients who lack money to buy blood should have access to blood in times of health emergencies. We at SIF encourage individuals to donate blood voluntarily with an objective of saving the lives of poor people. We have formed several partnerships with various hospitals and conducted blood donation camps.

COVID-Health Care

As part of the project ‘Effectiveness of 3 layer cloth washable masks’ we have distributed around 30000 masks in 8 villages of Rangareddy District which include Sheriguda, Uppariguda, Pocharam, Lingampally, Mankhal, Thummaloor, Mansanpally, Sardar nagar.

The project has been worked in association with National Institute of Nutrition(NIN) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Thanks to London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for donating the first 30000 masks.

PANACEA – Comprehensive School Health Program –

Marginalised children face a higher risk of contracting various infectious diseases, intestinal worm infections, stunting, skin infections, bleeding gums, vision problem, etc to name a few. Owing to abject poverty, poor sanitation, malnutrition and illiteracy of parents, these children have been suffering from various ailments due to lack of quality health care services. Understanding this scenario, SIF has collaborated with the government of Telangana to provide a comprehensive quality healthcare service 24/7 to the poor children studying in the Social (TSWREIS), Tribal (TTWREIS) and BC Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Societies across the state of Telangana with a coverage of 3.5 lakh children. SIF, established Panacea Health Command Centre that operates 24/7, 365 days a year to provide quality health care services to these children with a dedicated team of doctors and field staff. Our Panacea command centre has been saving lives of thousands of children with absolutely no economic burden on their family.

PANACEA Project Goal –

To improve the availability and access to quality health care of the children in the residential schools under the department of social welfare in the state of Telangana by ensuring that the health condition of each child is monitored 24/7 in real-time and any medical intervention is readily made available to the concerned.

Outreach –

• Project Location – 31 districts in the state of Telangana
• Number of Institutions – 613 Institutions under Social, BC and Tribal Welfare Societies
• No. of Children – 3.5 lakh (in the age group of 10 -20)