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Human existance is impossible with out the presence of a health ecosyatem.Environment conservation has been one of the core issues that needs to be addressed to correct the damages done to mother nature.Sustainable developement to save mother earth is the need of the hour and understanding this synergy has undertaken various environment conservation project…

Plantation Drive

Trees are lifeline for humans and animals. From oxygen we breathe in, food that we consume, the timber we get, medicines that we prepare and the clothes we wear, we all owe it to the trees. Walk through any forest area in the country and we will observe that there is unprecedented deforestation and destruction of natural habitats. Many plant and animal species are on the brink of extinction, forests have shrunk, coastlines and rivers are altered due to indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Our dedicated team of SIF working towards conservation of natural resources and bring larger areas under green cover to mitigate the problems of climate change and global change. SIF had undertaken tree plantation on a massive scale with fervour. Our staff have turned the program into a major green movement in Telangana by planting trees in school campuses, neighbourhood and along roadside. We regularly conduct awareness campaigns among students on negative consequences of global warming and climate on plant and animal life and biodiversity.

Cornucopia Project

The proposed cornucopia project is majorly about inculcating organic and natural ways of farming to enable children access to nutritious food free of chemicals and pesticides. The project aims in conversion of the available unused land in the institution into cultivable farmlands, produce organic vegetables and fruits to meet the requirement of the institution, Empower the students (6-9 grades) interest towards the agriculture by acquiring knowledge, practical skills and explore opportunities in the agriculture and train and develop Agripreneurs

In our 5 years of journey of implementing Panacea project across the Residential Institutions in Telangana, it was evident that the intake of food also majorly contributed for the deteriorating health in the students. The usage of fruits and vegetables that are filled with chemicals and pesticides instead of nutrients is further graving the problem. In this context Synergy had come up with a project to grow organic vegetables and fruits in these institutions and thus not only improve on the quality of the food consumed by children but also make these institutions self-sustainable in terms of their food requirements. Through Project Cornucopia Synergy wishes to promote organic farming habits among children and enabling them to come closer to the nature.

Pilot project was undertaken by SIF and Krishi Vignan Kendra Warangal in one of the TSWREIS institution in Warangal. 3 months study by an Agri scientist was conducted including the teachers, students and existing resources at the institution to understand the need and sustainability of the program. Earth School concept which aims at bringing children closer to nature with a change in their attitude and lifestyle has evolved as part of this experiment. Earth School focuses on transforming the entire lifestyle system and consists of various components to categorize the school into an earth school. Some of which would be the using only eco-friendly products in the school, Conservation of soil, water and energy in all forms, children getting practical exposure to activities that are closer to nature, etc. Cornucopia is more focused on making the institutions self-sustainable and thus provide children of these institutes organic and nutritious food and simultaneously give them practical hands-on experience in organic ways of cultivation.