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NutriKik- Nutrition for All

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Our observations from implementing the health based programs,its been evedent that nutrition has been amajor challenge.The food that we consume itself lacks the nutrients adding to the grvity of the issue.Synerge belives that nutrition can cut down many health issues that the mankind is facing.To address this challeange synergy has designed and developed nutritional products that not only provides require for the body but also boost up the immunity levels…

Nutri Kik – Nutrition Project

Implementation of nutritional supplementation products which are specially designed and researched in association with research institutes like CFTRI, ICRISAT and NIN. We have come up with a range of natural, healthy, and nutritious products which are suitable for all age groups with the best source of nutrition available in the nature. The food products are smallin quantity and high in nutrition products that contain rich amounts of protein, calcium, iron, dietary fibre and boost immunity which are a best snacking option for toddlers, children, anaemic girls, mothers, sports persons etc., who require high energy, protein and micronutrients for their day-to-day activities. The products are specially designed keeping taste in mind and are suffices the nutritional requirements of people from any age group and profession.

Dietary Recommendations

Synergy has to be advising the Telangana Residential Education Institutions on providing nutritious food to the students enrolled in this institutions.Synergy team of doctors and nutritionist have been instrumental in designing the dietary chat for these institutions to enhance the health of the students.We have been recommending special diet to anemic students to improve their HB levels.