About the Project

Conversion of the available unused land in the institution into cultivable farmlands and produce organic vegetables and fruits to meet the requirement of the institution. Empower the students (6-9 grades) interest in agriculture by acquiring knowledge, practical skills and exploring opportunities in agriculture.

Project Background

The pilot project was undertaken by SIF and KVK Warangal in one of the TSWREIS institutions in Warangal. 3 months study by an Agri scientist was conducted including the teachers, students and existing resources at the institution to understand the need and sustainability of the program. Earth School concept has evolved as part of this experiment to make the institutions self-sustainable and thus provide children of these institutes organic and nutritious food.


To uncover and nurture the inherent love for the environment within each child by creating a natural, holistic, student-centred learning environment that empowers and inspires our students to love nature, and animals and contributes to its sustainability.


To build the ability of the students to nurture life in all its diversity by utilizing every form of living thing and nonliving thing and also by following 3Rs very effectively and finally promote a clean, healthy and well-protected environment.